Friday, January 17, 2014

A few random-ish things.

1. For the second time, I've banished the microwave to the basement. I did the same thing last year (or maybe the year before?) It lasted about nine months until I was sick of hearing Kyle complain about having to run to the basement to use it – which was maybe twice a week. So…this time around? I told him that in order to have the giant beast off my counter top, I promise to heat leftovers up for him. Yesterday? He asked me twice to heat him up a mug of hot water. Smart ass. I did heat up leftovers for his lunch, and spent the 1-1/2 minutes doing squats. I'm a good multi-tasker!

The "beast" of a microwave in its new home.
My found-again counter space!
2. I think Eleanor has rubber bones. She must. Outwardly she doesn't seem that flexible, but how else do I explain how each night, after removing her clothes before bed, I find them on my office/laundry room floor with underwear and socks still attached, yet completely inside out? This boggles my mind. See below…
(Waiting for this awful brown striped carpet to come back in style.)
3. After tucking the girls in last night, I found a note on my desk. Neither of the girls admit to putting it there, yet since it looks quite a bit like the "don't come in my room" sticky note that Josie has her door, I'm guessing it was her. What I can't guess, is what it's telling me to do. Suggestions?

4. Tonight I am in charge of our first annual "Camp In" at school. The lower grade students and their dads, uncles, grandfathers, etc. will be setting up tents in the hallway, roasting 'smores outside, playing games, watching a bedtime movie and "camping" overnight. The kids at school – including ours – are so excited! The dads, not so much. I will feel kind of bad tonight as I'm sleeping in our comfy bed while Kyle sleeps on a camp pad on the hard floor at school. Kind of.

Well…I need to get my girls off to school, work for a few hours, then spend the afternoon making sure everything is ready for the Camp In tonight. Happy Friday!

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  1. Yes, my son can be a smart ass, but we love him. I too moved the microwave out of the kitchen as it get used about once a week and my kitchen is small.

    Love the idea of the camp-in, I'll bet the girls are over the moon with excitement, dad will have fun too.

    Ellie and her stuff, don't know how she does that.

    Josie is telling you to dance, eat and pee. Have a fun quiet night alone!


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