Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Payne family Christmas

I know, I know. Christmas was weeks ago! Thankfully, we have enough family that posting pictures from the holidays takes weeks. A good problem to have.

This year we did something new at my mom and dad's. Instead of a typical ham and potatoes Christmas dinner or our usual Christmas brunch, we had a taco/burrito/rice bowl lunch. Delicious!

We were also able to have everyone together in the basement this year. This summer my mom removed the pool table, gave everything a fresh coat of paint, put a couch and a few chair downstairs and turned it into the perfect place to hang out when all the family is around. It was a tad cold (hence all the quilts everyone is bundled in.) It's a good thing we all know a good quilter, right?


  1. Those quilts are amazing -- did your mom make them?

    1. She sure did. Amazingly talented mother I have.

  2. I love, love the picture of you with your mom. She is one special, talented, loving person, one of my all-time favorite people!


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