Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow days!

Today is our 8th snow day of the year. For good reason. The roads are drifted, it's crazy cold (0˚F with -15˚F windchills.) While the last two days have been exceptionally chilly, Sunday was fairly "warm"…as in high teens. We were all getting a little stir crazy and ventured outside for a while.

This is all the wood we have left.
We have more coming, but the roads
have been too bad for delivery!

Even Kyle felt the cabin fever. Since Sunday is his day to cook/grill dinner (and grilling was seriously not an option!) we piled into the Jeep and took back roads to Pentwater. There were a few other crazies brave souls at The Antler. Nothing like greasy bar nachos to warm you up!


  1. Those girls have some great eyes! Cute pictures.

    I love that Kyle is standing under the Liquor sign, waiting on Josie! Actually a bit of being house bound is fun, but it is getting to be a bit much! At least we have had some sunshine.

  2. Cute pictures! This is our 6th snow day and I'm really wondering if we will be in school tomorrow. I thought about grilling tonight but my grill is covered in about a foot of snow and the snow on the deck is almost to the railings.

    1. Ours is someplace on our back deck…not sure where! :)

  3. nice picture and bonding with the girls. how i wish there's also snow here at the Philippines so me and my daughter can enjoy it too..


    1. I'd happily trade you some snow for some sunshine! :)


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