Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dreaming of warmer days ahead.

Saying my husband is dedicated is an understatement. In the photo above, he's trying to get his race car trailer out of an ice/snowbank. Our friend Eric's truck is strapped to the birch stump on the left, then our Suburban (hitched to the trailer) is being winched out by Eric's truck. At this point Kyle had already spent three hours using my dad's skid steer moving snow and two hours shoveling and snow blowing around the perimeter. Why all the effort? He's headed to Valdosta, Georgia Tuesday for an outlaw drag race with the '55.

 I underestimated the dynamic duo of Kyle and Eric – they got it out!

Warmer days in Georgia are just days away for Kyle. However, thanks to Grandpa Kirker, we'll all be soaking up some vitamin D in Houston this weekend. Aunt Amy called today and told us it's only 60˚. I'll take it! It's still 50˚ warmer than New Era! 

Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to take photos this weekend that are something besides white, grey, black and dreary. If not, at least we'll all get to feel a tiny bit of heat on our skin for a few days. I wonder if it will be obvious that we're northerners? The locals will be bundled in sweatshirts and pants. The Kirker girls? They'll be running around barefoot in their swimsuits! Warmer days…here we come!

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  1. So hope the weather is nice for your visit. Kiss my texans for me.

    Pictures as soon as you can post them. Hugs


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