Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mason County Fair

Last Friday we headed to the Western Michigan Fair to watch our friend Trenton in the Motor cross race. Before the race started, we promised the girl cotton candy and one ride. They initially chose "The Zipper" (a ride consisting of two-seated pods that spin and flip while rotating up and down in the air. We told them they are enclosed pods to hold the vomit. Kind of true.) Anyway, thankfully they chose something a little less stomach-upsetting – the swings. $20 later, the Kirker family was ready for their one carnival ride of the season.

We had fun together, but let me tell you, the fair is NOT a bargain! Personally, I spent enough time at the county fair during 4-H, so I've had my fill for a lifetime. Therefore, I'm not chomping at the bit taffy to attend each year. At $48 for us to get through the gate, $20 for one ride and $10 for two small bags of cotton candy – it's an expensive night out! If a family of four also ate fair food for dinner (ugh), and bought bands for unlimited rides, you'd easily spend $200+ for a evening of sketchy fun. However, the fair is always packed. Blows my mind. To each his own, right?

But, expensive, hot and dusty or not… the girls had a blast, and that's what matter most.


  1. I have never been a fair fan, except for the animals. it has been years! glad you had fun, but really, it is expensive!

  2. I had an encounter with "the Zipper" after a hot dog and two beers once. Josie & Ellie: you have very smart parents.


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