Saturday, August 16, 2014

Miniwanca Day Camp 2014

Last week, Ellie and Josie both attended Camp Miniwanca Day Camp. Ellie was a camper last year, and loved it! This year, they both had a great time.
Josie and her leader, Jan (from Ireland)
If you know Josie, you know she doesn't share words freely with those she doesn't know well. I love how these pictures show how comfortable she was at camp. Jan told me later that during their hike earlier that day, she spoke the entire way. (I can only imagine what she had to talk about!)

Tired little girls! (That's our friend Audrey next to Ellie)
Another tired little girl
Gathered at Council Circle for a re-cap of camp and songs

Eleanor Kathryn…you look older (and prettier) by the day
Singing "Pizza Man"

Last year the campers made "Wish Flags" as their service project. This year, they reveled string art. The message they explained was that even though everyone had a part in making the project, it takes input from everyone to make it complete. Also, you may not be able to see your individual string, but your individual effort was needed to make the project a whole.

"Four Folds" – Social + Mental + Religious/Spiritual + Physical
You can read a little about Miniwanca's core values here. I am so glad we were invited back to Day Camp this year – the difference in Ellie's confidence before and after camp last year were visible. This year she absorbed even more. The camp's motto "My own self, at my very best, all the time." is such a great message.

Josie, Ellie, Jan and Audrey
(with a few unknown campers in the back)
Until next year!

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  1. Excellent! I can see the excitement on Josie's face, and Eleanor just exudes confidence. This camp has it together...there motto is awesome. So glad both girls could go. When do you find out if you would be invited back next year?


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