Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Beast

Eleanor's been asking to hike "The Beast". It took me a few conversations before I realized she was requesting to hike up to the overlook at the Consumers Power pump storage plant on Lake Michigan. We try to hike up to the top at least once a year (last year it was on July 4th.)

On our way back from the fair last Friday, she asked again. Neither Kyle nor I could think of a reason not to, plus it was almost 8:45pm…almost sunset. Great idea, Peanut!

Josie – making sure she's first to the top
Kyle and Ellie – not as anxious
Kyle's girls
Kind of a blurry "selfie" – my baby is looking way too grown up

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  1. Hope Kyle realizes how lucky he is, his girls are terrific and beautiful.


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